Hole-In-One Program

Program Description:


This program is for KINGSVILLE GOLF MEMBERS ONLY!!!   The purpose is to reward those members that achieve a ‘Hole in One’ while raising funds to supplement our Jr. Golf Program. Any residual funds will be used to fund golf course improvements. 


On an annual basis, 20 to 25 'Hole in Ones' are recorded at Kingsville Golf. (not all are made by members).




Participation is VOLUNTARY and ONLY AVAILABLE TO KINGSVILLE MEMBERS. The cost is $50 per season and must be charged to the Member’s account.


A minimum of 100 MEMBERS is required in order for the program to commence.




1) The Jr. Golf fund will receive 10% of the program revenue.

2) A minimum of 100 Participants is required. Start date is April 21st, and finish date is October 15th.

3) The $50.00 fee will be charged to Member’s accounts once the minimum number of participants is achieved. Participants could score multiple ‘Hole in Ones’ and not have to re-enter.

4) All ‘Hole in Ones’ must be witnessed by at least one other golfer playing in the group and must be reported to the Pro Shop immediately after the round.

5) All par three’s (only) are eligible for a ‘Hole in One’.

6) NINE-hole rounds will qualify, (you do NOT have to play 18 holes).

7) League formats will qualify, i.e., if playing a scramble format from qualifying tees. 

8) Men (Age 19-79) and Juniors (Age 12 & over) must achieve a ‘Hole in One’ from either the Black, or Gold, or Silver colour tee markers.  ***You must play the same tee markers throughout your round. Men aged 80 or older, can play from either the maroon or white tees. ***You must play the same tee markers throughout your round.

9)  All Women (Aged 19 and over) and Juniors (Aged 18 and under) can achieve a ‘Hole in One’ from ANY set of tees. ***You must play the same tee markers throughout your round.

10) A year-end statement of revenue, payouts, and funds raised will be published.




  • Each participant who scores a qualifying ‘Hole in One’, will receive a $150. Kingsville Golf gift card and 5000 PAR POINTS!! (equivalent of $50).

  • For those participants who do NOT score a ‘Hole in One’ through the season are eligible for a random drawing(s) of a $100 Kingsville Golf Gift Card paid out of the residual funds.  The number of Gift Cards drawn will be based on 10% of the program participants (E.g., 10 gift cards could be drawn if there are 100 participants). Exception: Unless residual funds after all payouts do not support the one in ten target.





**Your account WILL NOT BE CHARGED until the minimum of 100 participants is achieved.**





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