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Nice to Hear Great Things From Our Local Councillor Attending Rotary Golf Tournament

We continue to strive to always get better here at Kingsville Golf & CC and it sure is nice when someone says somthing that truly made us smile.

I participated in the Rotary golf tournament yesterday. I had to leave early because of a town council meeting to attend and I'd asked for my meal 'to go'. It was getting down to the wire of when I had to leave in order to not be late for my meeting and I told a server regrettably that I had to leave without my food. I still had to load up my clubs and as I was pulling out of my parking spot the server I had been talking with came running up with the 'to go' meal all wrapped up. WHAT AMAZING SERVICE!! She was shortish with short brown hair and I'm so grateful because not only was the meal delicious but I was very hungry after all that golfing - I was able to scarf down several bites before my meeting and then finished it off late that night when I returned home. Please pass along my gratitude to that server and the kitchen staff.


Kimberly DeYong

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