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Our Memberships are on Trial


Upon review of the membership numbers at our January Board meeting, the Board has mandated a temporary hold on memberships for 2021. There are a variety of factors that will determine when we allow additional new members on our roster. This situation will be monitored closely on a monthly basis prior to making any decisions. Our administrative staff will continue to accept membership applications during this waiting period and file them in the order received.

Kingsville Golf and Country Club is offering a Trial Membership to anyone interested in joining the club. You may join at any time, paying full dues but forego the Capital Contribution until the following year if you are over 49 years old (under 50 years of age are not yet eligible to pay the contribution). This is a great way to get all the great benefits of being a Member here at our Club and be sure you enjoy it (and we know you will) enough to warrant membership.

Download Membership Information using the links below:

2022 Membership Dues
Membership Categories
2022 Membership Application
2021 Membership Services Package
2021 Junior Membership Application

If you wish to submit a membership application, please download the application from the above link, complete the required fields, save it and bring it in with you or email to


Trial Membership at Kingsville Golf