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Golfing in the Dog Days of Summer!

Here are a few tips to make your summer golfing more enjoyable:

1. We strongly encourage plenty of liquids throughout your round. If you’re drinking alcohol, it’s also recommended that you have at least one bottle of water to every alcoholic drink. Drinking Vitamin Water and Gatorade will also help you to stay hydrated. Eat high-energy snacks such as trail mix, as well as juicy fruits like watermelon, grapes and cantaloupe.

2. Be generous with sunscreen, apply and reapply every other hour or so, step into the shade wherever and whenever possible. Wear a golf cap, these are great to shade your eyes and part of your face; however, they do not provide as much protection as a wide-brimmed hat that shadows your neck, ears, and cheeks. Wear sunglasses if you can, this will prevent sun damage to your eyes.

3. Wear UV protecting fabrics they will help reduce your body heat during a round. Stick with golf shorts and light colored golf shirts; this will help to keep you cool on a hot day. Include a spray bottle in your arsenal; it is amazing what a quick spray of water in your face can do for your comfort. Bring a water-soaked towel with you, dab your brow and neck with it for instant gratification.

4. Obviously the best way to stay cool is to stay out of the sun but as we all know, not all courses are lined with trees. So last but not least, you may also want to consider bringing an umbrella with you. A golf umbrella can provide needed shade from the hot sun or immediate shelter in case of an unexpected thunderstorm.

Hopefully this helps you with your summer golfing, please remember to contact us for all your golfing needs.



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