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Kingsville Golf Club is a semi-private club located at the extreme tip of southern Ontario. After Vancouver, this is the place that has the longest golf season in Canada. It spans nine months, from early April to late November. In early May 2013, we were greeted by General Manager, Doug Quick.


Mr. Quick not only told us about the history of the club, but also the multitude of activities to experience in the region. He also advised us on how to approach this championship golf course. This beautiful place, located near Lake Erie, was built in the tradition of conventional land. In 1925, some businessmen in the region came together to accommodate a field of seven holes. Over the years, they have increased the number to 12, then 18 and finally, in 1978, to 27 holes.


It includes a wide variety of mature trees, many of which are fruit trees. In the spring, the period of flowering, they offer a colorful spectacle. The nature lovers are therefore met. This field average length is punctuated by several obstacles, both natural and artificial. Different water bodies are present on a dozen holes found there with a hundred sand traps. These are strategically distributed, in the fairways and around the greens. According to the General Manager, the terrain requires more precision than power. Unlike some sites where you only use a few sticks, this type of course requires an arsenal of different shots that will allow you to use all your tools.


Doug advised to spend some time on the practice green in order to tame the great rapidity. These come in various sizes with gradients sometimes pronounced. The very good quality sand traps are also worth highlighting. Two holes particularly attracted our attention on the Gold course, which turns out to be a must. Number 2 hole is a par three whose length varies from 145 to 238 yards depending on the selected starting milestones. It has as an elevated green target. Doug explains that an erratic tee shot can lead you into the water hazard or in a dense forest, or at best, in the bunker to the left of the green. A shot a little too powerful, beyond the green, requires an approach shot lobbed or rolled on a downward sloping green. Caution is therefore required as this hole is a challenge. For its part, the No. 7 hole takes a lot of courage. Although relatively short, this hole is filled with obstacles to avoid. A stream crosses the fairway twice and, again, we find an out of bounds left. Our professional suggests using a fairway wood or long iron tee shot to a good position. Thus, we can attack the green shots regulatory. To complete it, we will make the putts on a green quite hilly. It is not surprising that due to the quality of fittings, this land has hosted several championship tournaments both at the national and provincial level.


In addition, the practice range is a very well equipped field with several targets at different distances. We can therefore easily perform several types of shots. The carts are equipped with a last generation GPS system. Also of note, the club's management has invested heavily to deliver treated water from the treatment plant to the course. There would be only a few clubs in Canada who have agreed to make such investments to protect sources of drinking water from their municipality.


In 2009, John Daly accepted an invitation to play with the junior members of the club. On each hole, he was accompanied alternately by these young golfers who have preserved the memory of an unforgettable experience. Moreover, a major concern of leaders is to foster the next generation and are given more privileges to golfers under 40 years. This approach seems to be working since Richard Scott and Laura Henderson Matthews, both then members of the club, respectively won the Canadian men's and women's amateur championship in 2005. Such a feat would have been done only once in the history of Canadian golf during the 1920s. The Board asked the General Manager to be involved in the community and develop various partnerships. Many agreements have been put in place to attract and satisfy golfers wishing to visit this part of the country. In collaboration with the leaders of two other courses in the area of Windsor, "Roseland" and "Ambassador", it is referred to as the "Southern Swing". It allows visitors to play these three sites for the modest sum of $150, cart included (


In addition, the club has partnered with various institutions to offer several types of accommodation, including a shuttle service transporting golfers to and from the course. Various services are available such as bag storage, access to showers, etc. free practice balls. Also, note that the regular public pricing is very affordable. The professional teaching staff offers you analyzing of your swing using instruments at the cutting edge of technology. These professionals are able to offer lessons tailored to the needs of golfers of all levels. Doug, who is also a golf professional, provided a tip of the day. According to him, amateur golfers tend to over-tighten the club during the swing, which often leads to either internal or external hooks. Correcting this simple habit could, according to him, allow you to gain distance and help lower your handicap.


Note that ...The region is home to more than fifteen beautiful vineyards. The 'Viewpointe "is located directly on the shores of Lake Erie and Pelee Island Winery is on "Pelee Island" which is eight kilometers from the shore island. These sites offer unique panoramic viewpoints. You can taste different wines of high quality. Baseball or football fans can go to Detroit. The Tiger Stadium and the Lions Field are located within 100 miles of Kingsville. A shuttle bus leaving from Windsor can accommodate spectators wishing to attend. The city is full of good restaurants. In addition to the excellent cuisine served directly at the golf course, various types of institutions offer a variety of food and very good quality. It is very interesting to visit the area in late summer or early fall since you can consume all fresh produce from orchards in the region.


In conclusion... Even early in the season, we could see for ourselves why Kingsville was considered one of the most beautiful courses in "Essex County".


Our tour ended with a unique golf experience in a beautiful setting. The Club won the 2013 Business Excellence Award for Tourism and Hospitality. We highly recommend that you visit the various attractions in the area to inquire about activities that can be done. Whether the wine route, various festivals, restaurants, tasting fresh fruits and vegetables, visiting this region is greatly worth seeing. Their ending slogan aimed at visitors: "Come spend a few days with us and you want to stay here forever."


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