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" The Most Beautiful Course in Essex County "



Golf Committee - Primarily responsible for the efficient use of the golf course by our members and guests in relation to the rules of golf and our "local rules".


The Committee should evaluate both member tournaments and nonmember tournaments; evaluate tournament policy and procedure and make recommendations on changes to provide member satisfaction as required.


The Committee should recommend budget requirements for golf cars reflecting on purchase and replacement needs. As well the Committee should be concerned with control over the use of golf cars on the Club's property.


The Committee should also be concerned with such things as the safety of golfers as they play and should, therefore, be aware of walking patterns not consistent with cart paths etc.


The Committee works with and gives direction to the Club Professional to: member services relating to golf, in club activities, member complaints, the junior golf program.


The Committee may also recommend disciplinary action to the Board of Directors and/or the Club's Disciplinary Committee.


Membership Committee – Primary responsibility to consider applications from prospective members and recommend their acceptance (or non-acceptance) to the Board of Directors, including any unusual or unique circumstances.

The Committee should also concern itself with the general deportment of members and may recommend disciplinary action to the Board of Directors and/or the Human Relations Committee.


The Committee will review and ensure timely payment of member accounts.


The Committee should give consideration to the various categories of membership and make recommendations on category changes and numerical ceilings for categories.

The Committee should give consideration to the initiation fee relating to membership and make a recommendation, as necessary, to update the amount of the initiation fee.


The Committee should also give consideration to the improvement of membership benefits versus nonmember benefits. Currently, our members receive the following benefits:

  • Advance (10 days) tee time reservations

  • 7% discount on food and beverage

  • Family Day

  • In Club tournaments

  • Cart rental discount programs


House & Entertainment Committee - Primarily responsible for the presentation of member and guest facilities in terms of how facilities are organized, utilized and maintained while being concerned with food and beverage quality service and costs.


The Committee works with the head chef to establish menus and cost and to member and guest concerns.


The Committee recommends to the Board of Directors budget requirements in support of the food and beverage operation.


The Committee promotes and develops social activities for members.


The Committee will be responsible for the housekeeping and everyday maintenance of the Golf Clubhouse Building.


The Committee will recommend and work with the Property and Long Range Planning Committee for structural improvements or changes to the Golf Clubhouse Building.


Property and Long Range Planning - Primarily responsible for the physical presentation and use, of all of the Club's buildings and physical property apart from the golf course itself and to consider the future needs of the Club and its members and to forecast those needs in terms of:

  • Capital expenditure requirements

  • Acquisition or disposal of assets

  • Alternatives to existing Corporate structure

  • Changes in use of existing facilities


The Committee will review and work with the House Committee on any recommendations to any structural changes to the Golf Clubhouse Building.


The Committee works with the General Manager and maintenance staff to present and maintain facilities to meet the expectation of a majority of members and guests and makes recommendations on budget requirements.


Human/Public Relations – The Human and Public Relations Committee concerns itself with members whose activities at the Club are in violation of Club Policy and Procedure.

Board & Comittees Continued

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