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" The Most Beautiful Course in Essex County "


Kingsville Dress Code
Kingsville Dress Code

Kingsville Golf & Country Club,  "The Most Beautiful Course In Essex County"

Golf Course Attire

Respectable Golf Course attire is required.


Kingsville recognizes golf fashion is changing. We encourage men and women to dress in respectable golf course attire. The Golf Shop will have the final decision as to what is appropriate.


Gentlemen’s shirts must have both collar and sleeves. (Mock collars are acceptable).

Ladies’ tops must have collars or sleeves and must cover from neck to shoulder. (Mock collars are acceptable).

Soft spikes only permitted on the golf course.

Not permitted: T-shirts, gym attire, sweatpants, spandex, cut-offs, halter tops, tube tops and bare midriffs.

Dining Room Attire


Smart casual, business or evening attire is acceptable. Golf shoes are permitted in The Champions’ Lounge & Dining Room “C” only. Visors, baseball caps or golf hats are permitted in the Champions' Lounge.


Not permitted: gym attire, sweatpants, spandex, cutoffs, halter tops, tube tops, and bare midriffs.

If You Love Golf, You’ll Love It Here.

Dress Code

Kingsville Dress Code