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" The Most Beautiful Course in Essex County "


Our Goal For 2024 :

Helping Others - A Good Thing "Fore" Sure


Kingsville Golf & Country Club,  "The Most Beautiful Course In Essex County"


Kingsville Golf & Country Club, an industry leader in golf, have been tirelessly working throughout the COVID-19 lockdown to improve their facility. This fall GPAR (Golf Performance and Rehabilitation) Canada will be partnering up with Kingsville Golf and Country Club to bring the Kingsville and surrounding community a state-of-the-art facility in the golf industry. Golf is evolving, and so is Kingsville Golf & Country Club.


GPAR is focused on golfers of ALL levels and ages. They specialize in assessing movement, swing patterns, and identifying any physical limitations which may affect the efficiency, power, and accuracy of your game. They can provide a customized plan that may include technique instruction, education, physical therapy, and a performance/ rehabilitation regime. 

This facility will be one of the first in North America to offer a Performance and Rehabilitation center ON-SITE for Kingsville members and the general public. With a fully integrated team of rehabilitation, performance, and golf professionals, GPAR will be able to bring your game to the next level. From beginners to pros, GPAR has the ability to help no matter the age or level of golfer.

Our Philosophy at GPAR

Our team at GPAR believes that golfers will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body.


GPAR believes that there is an INFINITE number of swings and playstyles, however, there is ONE efficient way for EVERY player to play and it is constructed on what the player can PHYSICALLY do.


This means that EACH golfer is unique and therefore has a DIFFERENT optimal swing that is unique to them. In order for a golfer to achieve their most efficient swing they must be assessed by a team of professionals. 


With a combination of a thorough health history, detailed biomechanical 6-D sensor movement and swing analysis (through K-Vest), movement screens, orthopaedic testing, and power/ strength testing we can identify a players’ physical limitations and determine why these limitations are affecting their power, accuracy, or causing pain during the golf swing. We then work with our performance and rehabilitation team to create a personalized plan using a combination of physical therapy and treatment, performance and rehab training, coaching of proper swing technique and biomechanics, nutrition advice, mental strategy and more, to help with the identified limitations. 


GPAR believes that surrounding yourself with our team of different medical and golf professionals will allow you to have the greatest improvement in your game whether your goals are to improve your performance, decrease risk of injury, increase longevity of your game, or decrease any pain as it relates to golf and everyday life!


In addition to Golf Performance and Rehab, we will be offering chiropractic, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning training, and massage therapy.

You can find out more information about GPAR at our website or email us at


Kingsville Golf & Country Club,  "The Most Beautiful Course In Essex County"


Each and every year the Kingsville Golf Club supports events designed to raise money for a variety of charities from around our area.  We are not only pleased to provide this support, we are down right proud of the money that has been raised by many of our great golf partners. 

We would like to recognize some of those who have done so much to raise the temperature in their efforts to support these charities.  We would also like to invite any of our event hosts to add their names and contributions to our ever grown list.  Thanks

In 2023:

Erie Shores Health Foundation raised $155,000

Make A Wish Foundation raised $145,000

H.L. Tiessen Foundation raised $113,000