2021 and Past Hole in Ones


ParFection, the Ace, the Holy Grail - The Hole In One.
Have you ever made a hole in one? If so, it probably ranked as the best shot of your golfing career.
Each season we record the hole in ones at Kingsville to share in the pride of the player who scored it.
Here is the list of Hole in Ones from 2015 to 2021.



Paul Mousseau

5 Gold

April 13th

John Ensoll

9 White

April 15th


Adrian Mainella

3 Red

May 29th


Ralph Brush
3 White
June 6th

Greg Henderson
3 White
June 8th

Armand Pare
3 White
June 9th

Richard Banwell
3 Red
June 23rd


Shawn Emmerton
3 Red
July 1st

Bruno Gabriele
3 Red
July 7th

Ron Dywelska
2 Gold
July 25th

Steve McGinty
3 White
July 28th

Jackie Maitre
3 Red
July 28th


Bill Breen
8 Gold
August 3rd

Paul Kersey
3 White
August 6th

Max Winkler
7 Red
August 11th

Trevor Larue
9 Red
August 14th

Cary Lamoure
7 Red
August 15th

Lorrie Deneau
9 Red
August 25th


Brian Higgins
5 Gold
September 12th

Joe LeBoeuf Jr
3 White
September 15th

Kevin Greenwood
7 Red
September 16th


Josh Cowan
9 White
October 23rd