2020 and Past Hole in Ones


ParFection, the Ace, the Holy Grail - The Hole In One.
Have you ever made a hole in one? If so, it probably ranked as the best shot of your golfing career.
Each season we record the hole in ones at Kingsville to share in the pride of the player who scored it.
Here is the list of Hole in Ones from 2015 to 2020.


2020 Hole In Ones


Armand Pare

May 24th

2 Gold

Mike Maynard

May 25th

2 Gold

Steve Burton

May 27th

3 White


Eric Vriesen

June 11th

3 White

Darren Brackenbury

June 11th

3 White

Earl Laforet

June 22nd

7 Red


Tom Soulliere

October 4th

2 Gold

Brad Fahringer

October 18th

7 Red

Michael Martin

October 26th

5 Gold


Matt Taouil

July 8th

8 Gold

Bruce Duncan

July 10th

3 Red

Dylan Reimer

July 14th

3 Red

Greg Patterson

9 White

July 15th

Rich Chartrand

July 22nd

5 Gold

Reinold Kosciuw

July 31st

2 White


Julie Fahringer

August 2nd

8 Gold

Stan Sullivan

August 4th

3 White


John Goswick

September 22nd

5 Gold

Nick Penzari

September 23rd

9 White


Ron Hodgins

November 14th

7 Red

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