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" The Most Beautiful Course in Essex County "


Kingsville Golf Lessons
Kingsville Golf Lessons

Kingsville Golf & Country Club,  "The Most Beautiful Course In Essex County"

Kingsville Golf and Country Club is proud to have PGA of Canada Professionals on staff to help you improve your Golf Game. We offer a wide variety of lessons including:

•    Individual Lessons

•    Group Lessons

•    Short Game Clinics

•    Junior Clinics

•    Playing Lessons

•    High-Performance Development

•    And Much More


Our professionals will help you customize a program whether you are looking for a quick fix, or if you are looking for weekly lessons to achieve a long term goal. Please contact us in the Golf Shop and we can start planning!

Our Professionals:


Director of Instruction

Chris Wilson:  Prior to joining Kingsville G&CC, Chris played NCAA Division 1 college golf at Universities in Alabama and Idaho where he won two individual titles. After college, Chris turned professional where he has competed on both the Mackenzie Tour (PGA Tour Canada) and Latinoamerica Tour, as well as various mini tours. Over the past two seasons Chris was the Director of Instruction for three Clublink properties in the Muskoka region (Lake Joseph Club, Rocky Crest, and Grandview)


Chris has worked with many of the games top instructors including Martin Hall (Host of School of Golf on the Golf Channel, as well as a PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Winner. Martin is also the coach to LPGA Tour star Lexi Thompson) Michael Breed (The Golf Fix on the Golf Channel, as well as “A New Breed of Golf” Podcast on SiriusXM Radio and Mark Sweeney (The founder of Aimpoint, a green reading method used by various players on both the PGA and LPGA tours. 

Chris's passion is to help golfers improve their swing which helps to lower their handicap and enjoy the wonderful game of golf. I’m a firm believer in physical fitness and encourage golf stretching exercises relative to the golf swing. The bottom line is, better physical conditioning equals better golf.

With that in mind it’s very exciting to have the GPAR team at KGCC! Without question GPAR is a phenomenal addition to your facility and something I have not seen at other Clubs. I encourage you to take advantage of their expertise including the TPI assessment and K-Vest technology which are awesome analytical tools. Discovering the physical limitations allows me to work on correcting those deficiencies throughout the golf swing to obtain better swing results.
My philosophy on improving our game is very simple, I like to work with your assets and minimize the liabilities. I’m not a believer in a complete overhaul of your swing. Consequently, I have designed teaching packages to accommodate a wide variety of golfers. For example, we have a 15-20 minute ‘tweak lessons’ where we review the set up position and concentrate on one or two areas of focus to garner results. The next are 30 minute packages followed by 45 minute packages designed for golfers who have no trouble hitting a larger volume of golf balls. 

When required, I utilize TrackMan technology click here, which is used by many Pros on the PGA Tour and by Titleist, TaylorMade and many other golf club manufacturers. TrackMan provides instant feedback on a variety of key factors such as club face angle at impact, ball & clubhead speed, smash factor, distance and a variety of other pertinent data.


Junior Golfers: 
I really enjoy working with Junior Golfers. The sheer volume of Junior golfers at KGC definitely attracted me to your Club. We have conducted numerous Jr. clinics, Jr. camps and individual lesson packages as well. We really enjoy the enthusiasm of young golfers and delight in watching them improve their ability and enjoy the game. I am keen to ensure Jr. golfers understand the etiquette and course conduct as they develop as young players. A high performance Jr. clinic will be unveiled in the coming weeks, so if your Junior is an advanced player, we can help them improve their skills to achieve their true potential.

Whether you’re new to the game, or a long time golfer of any caliber who may be struggling to overcome short game issues, or looking to break a long time habit we are here to help you! We structure our lessons to the individual and teach accordingly. Keep in mind we are available for group lessons so if you have four or five people that would like to have an hour lesson please let me know and we will design a custom package for you.

Chris looks forward to bringing his experience to Kingsville. When not at the club, Chris will be travelling to various professional events with many of his touring professionals. Welcome to Kingsville, Chris! 


Chris @chriswilsongolf

Contact:  Phone (705) 266-6322



Our practice facility includes:

  • Four Target Greens, Ranging from 50 yards up to 200 yards

  • 40 Yard Grass Chipping Green

  • 2 Greenside Bunkers

  • Large Putting Green, with 18 hole putting course


  Please note drivers are not permitted

If You Love Golf, You’ll Love It Here.

Kingsville Golf Academy

Kingsville Golf Lessons
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