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Kingsville Golf League

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Kingsville Golf Leagues


Kingsville Golf has various leagues available to our Members. These leagues can be fun or competitive depending on what you are looking for.


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Our Current Leagues


Please see all of our current league information below.  Learn more about each league as well as receive rules as well as the ability to register.

Ladies 18 Hole

The Ladies' 18 Hole is open to female club members of any age wishing to take part in a competitive league. This league plays every Tuesday morning and includes a subsequent league that plays every Thursday.





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Men's Senior Sentinels

Any male Club Member, 55 or older, is eligible to join the Senior Sentinels, to participate in regularly scheduled events, offering a wide range of prizes, every Wednesday and Friday from the beginning of May to the end of September.​





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Ladies 9 Hole & Classic

The Ladies' 9 Hole is open to all female club members. This league plays every Thursday morning and includes a subsequent league, the 9 Hole Classic, that plays every Monday. League tee times begin at 8:30 am.



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Men's Twilight League

The Twilight League is open to male Club Members of any age wishing to take part in a competitive league. This league plays every Tuesday and includes regularly scheduled scrambles.

There have been some rule changes to this league.



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