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" The Most Beautiful Course in Essex County "


Kingsville Board of Directors
Kingsville Board of Directors

Kingsville Golf & Country Club,  "The Most Beautiful Course In Essex County"

Committees of the Board Responsibilities 


Executive Committee - The Executive Committee may from time to time solicit from the Board or be authorized by the Board to act on behalf of the Board to handle specific matters of the Corporation when it would not be in the best interest, of the Club, to delay such decisions to a time when the full Board would be present.

In these situations, the Executive Committee would be cognizant that the whole Board carries the responsibility for management of the Corporation and that any authority granted to the Executive Committee is a delegation of authority but not of responsibility.

The Executive Committee may formalize salaries and contracts, handle personnel problems and arrange for the hiring of staff.


Finance Committee - Primarily responsible for the development and presentation of the Corporation's annual operating and capital budgets.


The Committee will review the budgetary recommendations or other proposed spending of other committees.


Concerned with the ongoing financial well-being of the Corporation in relation to the monthly variances and recommends adjustments to the capital and operating budgets as necessary to meet budget targets.


Concerns itself to other financial matters for the good of the Club.


Greens Committee - Primarily responsible for the physical presentation and development of the golf course to a standard meeting or exceeding the expectations of the majority of members.


The Committee, while in session, works with and gives direction to the Greens' Superintendent within the approved budget.


The Committee should concern itself with proposals relating to the various golf course elements and systems... tees, fairways, greens, bunkers, traps, trees, irrigation, cart paths, bridges, erosion control and spraying.


The Committee develops and reviews the annual operating and capital budgets for the Greens Department and gives ongoing consideration and input to the five-year capital budget for the Greens Department.


The Committee considers concerns expressed by members and makes recommendations as deemed necessary.


The Committee recommends to the Board of Directors (for approval) proposals which would enhance or change the character of the golf course.


Noted: That all of the elements of the golf course, which are physical in nature, are not to be altered, moved or done away with without the authorization of the Board. 


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Board of Directors & Committees

Kingsville Board of Directors
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