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Since 1925

Kingsville Golf & Country Club was founded in 1925 and to this day is one of the finest golfing facilities in the area. Located just 30 minutes from the Windsor/Detroit border, 2 miles from Lake Erie.

Kingsville Golf & Country Club is a scenic course of championship quality, offering 27 holes inundated with trees, traps, hills, water, and wildlife. The course is made up of three nines named Red, White & Gold, each with its own unique character. Errant shots on at least a dozen holes can find water. Over 100 sand traps enhance competitive golf for all levels of players. Come prepared! For those balls that avoid the rough, the well-groomed fairways will be a delight.

A Perfect Golfing


With 27 holes Kingsville Golf & Country Club offers outstanding variety when it comes to playing golf, a trait not as common or found in the area.  Take a look at the gallery of pictures from all three of our nines as well as given to us by Members to see the pure beauty and difference that exits at Kingsville.

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